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The Pratenberg Wine Lodge starts into a new era, but not everything that shines is new. So the wrecking ball spared the old farmhouse from the 17th century, which received only a new coat. Today, the striking details give the whole ambience a special charm.

altes haus
wine lodge 3 night.jpg
wine lodge 2 night.jpg

The courtyard.

The center of the Wine Lodge,

where all elements flow into each other,

old meets new,

traditional crosses modern,

Concrete and steel border on wood and porphyry,

and yet

a place that in complete harmony reflects pure tranquility.

white flush.png

"Let your eyes wander over the valley, lean back, breathe deeply and enjoy."


The rooftop is our small wellness oasis, including a pool and a sunbathing area. But the true beauty lies in the almost artistic prospect; the fabulous mountain scenery, the view over the city of Merano or across the vineyards to the castle of Castelgatto. Add to that a fabulous glass of wine; that is our idea of wellness.

stuhl schwimmbad 2.jpg
Pratenberg (61).jpg
Finestre cosi grandi che ci si può sedere dentro, una piscina sul tetto, la vigna fino alla porta di casa, manca soltanto la cantina nella cantina...
....e quella ci sarà tra poco
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