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The love and passion for wine, paired with the will to create something own,

led to an idea; the idea to run a small independent winery in South Tyrol.

This idea became a reality. Change became an everyday routine.

Appletrees became vines. The best grapes, noble wines.

and a ruin your next holiday destination.




The Wine Lodge, not a motel, nor a 5-star hotel,

 but more like a home away from home.

A place, which isn't meant to be only a winery,

but also a home for all those who share the same passion for wine.

A place where you can be enchanted by the spirit of the vineyard every single day.


Fam. Flarer


Modern. View. Two stories.

The heart of the Pratenberg Wine Lodge are the three apartments, nestled in a sea of vines, overlooking the town of Merano, the perfect place to escape the everyday routine and free your soul, enjoy the nature and feel the magic of the mountains.



Mediterranean. Alpine. Cypres & Olives


Are you looking for a mix between the Mediterranean "Bella vita" and the Alpine charm of South Tyrols land and people?


Modern. Traditional. Porphyr.


We are offering more than just a wine tasting, we are offering a moment of  pleasure in our Tasting Stodl. 


Diversified. Beautiful. Close.

What would all this be worth without a neighborhood full of opportunities?

If you want to indulge in culinary delights, explore the mountains, or want to take a piece of South Tyrol back home there are plenty of possibilities and the best, everything is more than close!

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